Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Launch Pad

Image of NASA's Mars Odyssey.

Sure, I have newsy things to post about: London's transit union joined ours in poling holiday riders , there's a strange fake theft of an 18th century violin worth 175k, and the Plame/Wilson five year-old progeny's statement that "My daddy's famous, my mommy's a secret spy" shows just how self-aggrandizing and loose-lipped that couple must be to allow such dreck into tiny ears with big mouths.

Still, I'll admit I don't care about any of it as much as my own pompous circumstances.

I am the forums moderator at the new, a grand and sweeping litblog by and about talented authors which highlights the hot topics online. See left side for link to forums, and feel warmly invited to post.

I will also be scrivening on matters bookish as an Associate Reviewer (you may genuflect) at While looking for things to read, I found the site with its raft of opinions and interviews. My first review for them is of an oft-ignored classic, Titus Groan, by Mervin Peake. I'm not sure how their permalinks work, I'm still very green, but if you click on Reviews by reviewer (Henway), title, or author, you'll find it for sure. GO READ IT!

This is only the beginning of my master plan. New artwork will be here or on another bizarre group site I'm hoping to start with two compadres. I'm working on more and different formats of fiction, some I hope to post here in installments that you can read or ignore at your pleasure. I've got submissions from novel-length to tiny awaiting rejection, I mean publication, but I pledge not to neglect the whimsical scratching of itches I do here.

And here's to your 2006. May it bring expansion of your soul and not of your waist.

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April said...

Happy New Year! I'll bite my tongue on the Plamegate thing, LOL!