Friday, January 27, 2006

Delights for Friday

Every day, I search for something to delight.

Today, Drawn! pointed me toward Noah Z. Jones' Almost Naked Animals, and I was thus satisfied.

Octopus Likes: Rainbows, ghost stories, Sunday mornings.
Octopus Turn offs: Gun control, the ballet, condiments

Check out the whole gang of skivvy-wearing creatures.

Also check my latest review at Fantasy Bookspot. Look under reviewer-Henway, author-Ed Hoornaert, or title- The Trial of Tompa Lee.

I'm also excited to annouce that I'll be starting soon to fill up the empty review cupboards at Mystery Bookspot as well as adding Fashion Week blogging to my usual online mess. Have a great weekend! I'm overextending!

1 comment:

noelle said...

OMG the almost naked animals are DELICIOUS. I like TROUT!