Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Momentum Killer: Artsy Pig Corpses and Cannibals

Chartreuse is an herbal elixir made by French monks. I had no idea it was also the preferred tipple of the undead. I just like it because it's pig-colored.

And now, as is my wont, I will kill the momentum of the last day or two by crafting one of my usual posts, crammed with scattered items related only barely by their fascination for my macabre storm drain of a mind.

1) Darwinian aesthetics try to explain why humans developed the arts and our common sensitivities to them.

2) Taiwanese researchers breed glowing pigs in charming shades of yellow-green.

3) The Donner family, for which the infamous party has been named and defamed, were likely not the part of the group that went cannibal. Unlike this German freak who has been "disturbingly" found sane while claiming his willing victim tried to eat himself first.

4) Dead Body Guy has a simple wish: to play a corpse on TV or in film. These several vignettes show just how excellently deceased he can appear.

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