Thursday, January 05, 2006

Different Soup, Same Stardust

At the moment, Blogger seems to be choking on photos, and the site is too stingy with sharing their low-res views of the grand old dame, so the sign I wanted to put right here comes from Joe Bob Briggs' encyclopedic Vegas Guy report archives- Dec. 31, 2000.

UPDATE: As you can see, bulldog cussedness finally won.

As you may know, I recently returned from the modern DisneyGomorrah, and I have another close friend leaving for LV soon, so I'm attuned to related items.

1) If you go, Don't leave your five and nine year-old children home alone in a neighboring state so you can gamble. Do go see the Stardust with its famous sign and RatPacky splendor which includes its classic headliners, because the first casino I stayed in will be demolished after this year to construct another uberresort. And among the other spectacles of sight and sound, Do all 10 of these cool free things while you're there.

2) Related to yesterday's post on Ana Marie Cox's new novel, Publisher's Marketplace just announced that blogger Wonkette has also signed a six-figure deal for a non-fiction book due out in 2008 by the same subimprint of Penguin, Riverhead, who published her fiction debut. This should be more up her alley and will probably be a better book. Now, I am depressed and envious.

3) The fine folk at -upon seeing my soup post and understanding my love for steaming liquid food is only equalled by my passionate consumer advocacy- forwarded me to cogent commentary on the nefarious design of the new Progresso microwaveable soup bowls. To wit, they stink. Read for yourself, and then ponder whether consuming soup ought to need 9 FAQs and further referrals for more questions about the bowl. Is this simply a new technology like VCR clocks we innately struggle to learn, or is a microwavable "bowl" that requires diagrams to open and which is unsafe to sip from directly just too Dilberty a product?

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