Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Divinely Animal, Vegemelon, or Mickeral.

Playing image roulette with "rat small ham" yields the following surprisingly magisiterial image of Hamburg's capitol building, the Rat House. Enjoy the edumication.

Walking my dogs today, I saw a rat the size of a small ham- in daylight- scooting its bulk across the sidewalk and into some bushes just beside the stoop of a sweet brownstone which had its front and interior doors propped wide open. Eeek, and look out for disappearances among the resident Yorkies.

1) It is no longer fresh news that hard-boiled author Mickey Spillane has passed away. However, perhaps it's eerier that I was writing about him less than a month ago and visited his home town. For the record, I accept NO culpability in hatching any scheme helping hurry him across the flesh-cursed threshold in order to strongarm local pols into giving him his highway. None.

2) I don't know why I was saving this so long before posting, but Pigeon Weather pointed us all toward the handy pan to press Jesus' divine countenance onto our every ho'cake or Monte Cristo.

3) Silly Dusenberys, no matter what Regis and Kelly said, that cuculoupe's no vegemelon. Recognize!

Tomorrow, I'll be attending the inaugural repast of NYC's Bloggers who Brunch for fashion/lifestyle types. I do occasionally remark upon clothes and have a life with some kind of style even if it's all bad, so I was invited during what must have been an administrative seizure. However, for your entertainment, I'll report what happens when they realize, grab back my signature Bacardi Fashion Blogger cocktail, and bounce my shabby heiny to the curb.

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