Friday, July 14, 2006

Allergic to La Dolce Judd

Like so many of my fave online oases, Your Daily Art is also slacking. This Hopper's supposed to tide me over. It might, rabbit, it might.

1) Read this highly entertaining journal of a YouthAIDS philanthropy/publicity trip with Ashley Judd who talked a lot about her constipation and drinking lukewarm water while on a mission our blogger thought best designed to ease the celebrity conscience rather than yielding results. Money quote for me: "Church and religion are SO important to me. The God thing, the Jesus thing, the Buddha thing, so important to me."

2) Could we really defeat allergies in 5 years? This would be a biggie for quality-of-life.

3) Considering la dolce vita, I must be born to be Italian. I'm going to work on that.


April said...

Ohhhh...those italians. I so approve of their lifestyles. The food, their workdays...just a low stress way to go. I think we all could take something from them. Food is not their enemy...

I have always wondered if part of the reason that the French and Italians can eat so much highly caloric food and not get overweight is that they don't have the adversarial relationship to it we do.

But Sophia Loren? I NEVER got her. On the Pirelli Calendar? How many lbs of vaseline did they use on the camera lens? Not nice, I know. But on her best ever day in her whole life...she is no Ava Gardner.

Henway Twingo said...

Besides the non-adversarial attitude, they don't eat nearly as much fake food. By that, I don't mean GMO, but highly processed, calorie-dense products whose ingredients can't possibly be determined by sight or taste, like Cheetos.

S.L.'s no Gina Lollabrigida either, but I do like Sophia for becoming the de facto elder-stateswoman and standard-bearer for the Italian bombshells, and I think she holds up the aesthetic and philosophy of the side well.