Saturday, July 29, 2006

That's Your Horoscope For Today!

I'm not a Scorpio, but I loved this image. Some of this line are almost zodiacally impenetrable if you don't already know what's being depicted. Very subtle and stylish, though. If you have need of such fine illustration, please hire Istanbul and Berlin-based design team Wacker Eins so they don't sue me.

Not too much posting time today, because I think (woo-hoo!) that I'm getting off Trump island for a few hours.

If you ever read the comments here, you'll see that my friend April and I are not always in agreement. Policywise, hardly ever. Still, our minds do meet on some things and our most recent love-fest was over our shared soft spots for Weird Al Yankovic. Yes, this one.

In that spirit, and because it's my newest favorite thing, here's a very professional-looking fan-animated music video to Weird Al's song That's Your Horoscope For Today. This is multimedia flash that blasts off without capacity for pause or rewind, so be prepared. However, its fantastic images, snappy lyrics, and ska-flavored singalonginess have my toe tappin' and my heart croonin'. I'm playing it everyday, so do enjoy, will you?

1 comment:

April said...

Yeah, Henway says tomato, I say tomahto....

But we both say Weird Al Yankovic the exact same way!