Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy J4! Garfield's Fruity Asteroid Sucks Brains!

I was going to post a link to a fun asteroid site, but they quickly go all doomsday, live-underneath-the-Sahara-ey, so here's a tiny planetary Garfield and Odie.. Don't sue me, Davis.

Looky me, all backwards. When the rest are resting, I'm posting to give you the novelty that your leisure-bound backsides crave. So, stuff....

1) Anchoress knows what's wrong with the world, and it's the seduction of fresh fruit. Struorberrrrrries, screamed in greedy panic by people who've lost their shorts in ecstasy at just seeing the pyramids of plastic pints. Try her pronounciations out loud. They're dead on in the part of the planet where I reside.

2) We've known about Asteroid 2004 XP14 for two years, and knew it wouldn't impact Earth. Whew. Still, the predictions about what would happen in a straight-on smacking made me feel a little queasy about the near miss. Time to get those asteroid-busting nuclear armaments prepped and a bunch of photogenic astronaut-types trained. Preferably an international squad of men and women with at least one comic relief character and some romantic complications.

3) Paranormal plots now compose 20% of romance novels. I got sort of bored with the standard-issue bloodsucking a while back, but when romance readers like a thing, they really like it. Over and Over, ad infinitum, do it again, yes....yes....

4) After 19 years where he was comatose after a crash, a man's brain gradually rewired and regrew itself enough to bring him back around to speaking and moving. I hope we can learn how to help trigger this process for other brain injuries.

5) This article by Slate examines the James Patterson of comics, Garfield's calculating creatorJim Davis who spends several times the hours (and staff) marketing as he does writing the ha-ha. He's got a formula and a plan. And it works. I don't even hate him for understanding his audience so well, especially since he knew enough to stop selling those plushy window suckers for 5 years and giving us all a hiatus.

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