Sunday, July 09, 2006

Obese Pelican Knot Afraid of Lightning

That's Ernest T. Bass as loaded with love as I am with links. See last item.

You may not be able to hear the thunder coming with your mad tunes blastin', but try to take off the iPod and put down the cell when there's lightning if you don't want blown eardrums and singed hair (or worse still, a headstone) like this guy.

Not sure how domoic acid got into the Pacific coastal waters near Laguna Beach -- look out for your karma, someone -- but it makes the pelicans drunk and disorderly.

I'm not shocked that a 440-pound man wasn't much hurt when struck by a Volkswagen Polo. I'm flabbergasted that the man was reportedly riding a bicycle when it happened.

Wild Al Barger really gets our dearly departed brother, and delightfully analyses the genius of this comedic master in Don Knotts Is Beautiful. Never forget.


April said...

I'll have to agree....Don Knotts was beautiful. All jivey and hyper.

And so was Ernest T. Bass.

The Andy Griffith show was a must see when I was a kid. The Darlings, Ernest T., Aint Bee, Ang, oh gosh.

Oh, and the "fast girls" from Mt. Pilot.

Henway Twingo said...

I remember Mt. Pilot as an exotic a concept as Xanadu, always referred, never seen. It still lives in my imagination, the personification of the old song's Big Rock Candy Mountain.