Friday, July 07, 2006

On 7/7, We Refresh the Paint on the Bullseye

Image via Plan 59. Notice the Pepsi on the nightstand, asserting as they did back in the day, that soda pop conveyed many healthful benefits, not least weight-loss. Scroll down this page for links to lots of swanky Pepsi ads which were part of a campaign called The Sociables.

1) Plot foiled to blow up the Holland Tunnel using finances with international tentacles (thanks again, NYT, for making that harder to track going forward, thumbs up). Sincere thanks to Lebanon for helping with intelligence. And so, on these numerically resonant anniversaries, we like to practice our duck-and-covers, check the expiration dates of emergency items in our "go bags," and freshen the circles on the bullseye marking NYC.

2) Driving like highway lightning is safer than ever before, even safer than when we had a national speed limit of 55 ten years ago, partially because automotive technology's improved. Take that, you double-nickel lovers! But, if our cars eventually drive themselves like this VW Golf prototype, will it beubercool liberation or more oppressive because all traffic will be real-time regulated and monitored? I read a scifi story once where the high speed magnetic highways were all master-controlled, and suicidally oppressed citizens would scale the walls and jump into traffic to off themselves. Gee, I'm thinking cheery thoughts today. Perhaps a refreshing cola would perk me up while simultaneously slimming my hips. You know, like gin does.

3) In other foiled plots and good ethics news, it was Pepsi officials who notified Coke and the FBI when they were approached with stolen trade secrets.

4) I recall relentlessly mocking New Jersey's recent expensive and stupid marketing slogan hunt. They never even seriously considered my submission, "New Jersey: Whatever."
Well, just for fun, the Las Vegas Review Journal asked people to come up with backup phrases for "What happens here, stays here." They got a bunch of decent entries. Perhaps they just have better material to work with.

"Seven deadly sins, one convenient location."
"Where memories are made that may be difficult to remember."
"You can't take it with you ... so spend it here."

- and my favorite -

"Come with luggage, leave with baggage."


tom l said...

apparently, Baltimore, MD has the slogan - "Baltimore, Get In On It"

Henway Twingo said...

That's awful. What does it even mean? Get in on what? All these are such mushy marketing-speak, they communicate nothing of attraction. At least "Virginia Is For Lovers" tells you it's about gettin' busy. I don't believe they can deliver, but it's clear.

The NJ one they selected was "Come See For Yourself." See what? The sewage ponds and big hairdos? Then it turned out that someone else was using it, so they had to drop it after all the hoopla. I hope they got refunds on the bumper stickers.

Here's my latest
"(state): Definitely In The Top 25."

It's concrete, achievable, and grammatically mangled just like they like.