Wednesday, June 28, 2006

South Carolina Has the Best Hammers

Image from unofficial M.S. link below.

Thanks to Sarah Weinman who seems to be everywhere at once, I've discovered the serendipitous news that the very hunk of SC where I'll be vacating for the next few days-- through which Hwy 17 is the main drag-- is going to name a stretch of that road after long-time resident Mickey Spillane.

I'll have to ask the oldest member of our family group, turning a dewy 90 and a popular resident of Murrells Inlet as it happens, which diner and or gas station the Mickey frequents. I don't stalk. I'd just like to soak up the vibes if I can sense them over the exhaust fumes, burnt coffee, and sunscreen breezes of nearby Myrtle Beach

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