Friday, June 23, 2006

Even New Jersey's Tabbycats are Enforcers

Suzanne Giovanetti and AP, please don't sue. Article link's below.

I don't think about insomnia enough to detest it when I don't have it. We could happily be members of the same club, carpool, karaoke together. I'm all smiles when I'm not afflicted.

However, when I, Olympic-caliber slumberer that I am, go without my RDA of log-sawing, I'm an embittered wreck. Like today. So here's the ultra-short form with a big thanks to April who sends crazy e-mails that I keep in a glassed emergency cabinet just for occasions like this one. She's also hosting her yearly BBQ tomorrow, several states away from here. If you're attending, "please bring a side dish or dessert, or a cool rock that's about half the size of your head." Without further ado or landscaping entreaties, here's your link:

Clawless Kitty Chases Bear Up Tree.

I hope no more need be said, 'cause I'm not gonna.

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