Monday, June 05, 2006

Six in the Box

Mod Jack in the Box courtesy of high-school cartoonist Bert.

1) I've been sitting on this Straight Dope report for months, waiting for the run-up to 06/06/06 (don't mention the two thousand, killjoy), and cranking my crazy calliope music while waiting for the perfect moment to SPRING it upon you. Pop Goes the Weasel- Boo!

Cecil covers all the hype about 666.

2) The Chicago Sun-Times' new book editor dsplays a refreshing lack of contempt- of not downright enthusiasm for- "good storytelling" and "books that enthrall and captivate." She'll also be focusing more on Midwest authors, a wonderful thing since these writers often get short shrift even in their hometowns, and also a shame since the last book I set in Chicago before I moved is a fallen souffle of a thing. I've got to recombine the ingredients and bake the whole thing again, if you know what I mean.

3) Have enough food extortionists finally been busted to stop the flood of rodents and fingers?

4) By September, I'll not only have to go to the counter, but will have to provide my vitals just to stop a runny nose. Is it going to work? Heck, no. The megameth labs are already expanding in Mexico. Once again, government regulation harshes the consumer and the small, local American entrepreneur.

5) As part of the laudable Crime Lab Project, an initiative by writers and media producers to direct attention and, hopefully, support for public forensic testing resources nationwide, crime writer Jan Burke has begun the CLP Forum blog. Unlike CSI on TV, where DNA testing takes all of the commercial break, in the real world, you might wait half a year - perhaps in custody- for the exonerating evidence to be tested. For the innocent, justice delayed is devastating.

6) What would a Monday be without a video of a rollerskating monkey? Visit apostropher for links to related monkeyshine.


tom l said...

well, as usual, cecil is exhaustive! that's more six six sixes that you can shake a stick at :}

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