Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Topic for May Day Carnivale of the Couture #15

Left image from blogcadre, Right image is Crown copyrighted from Defra report Foot and Mouth Disease Ageing of Lesions.

Naturally, I was panicked. What topic could I choose? Some I'd contemplated had been stolen from my mind while I slept by other hosts- who shall remain nameless, but shame on you. I was spent, exhausted, and bereft of hope.

It was then that a dear friend in my need reminded me of our trip to the incredible Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto which currently shows a selection of their permanent collection and current exhibitions online. My pal recalled to me the many instances of cruel shoes we'd seen, from pointy knights' riveted sabatons to the useless decorated caps for bound feet like the frills for a lamb chop. There were artistic creations of such beauty to make the angels sing while their heavenly blisters weep.

The Topic is Torturous Fashion, and not the kind you tried, hated, and discarded. Oh no, we're going deeper into the dark corners than that, my dumplings. There is something you have owned, a style you have loved with a masochism unparalleled. We'd adore a picture of the wicked object of your agonized affection, but you must at least confess what fashion item hurt you, and why you continued wearing it in your twisted triumph and shame.

Note: Under Bata's Walk of Fame collection, Pablo Picasso's pony-skin ankle boots both look comfortable and make my heart beat faster. Therefore, they would not be an acceptable entry, unless they were filled with boiling tar and razor blades and beloved regardless, which we know isn't the case. If you wish to feel cleansed, be truthful. Oh, all right, at least lie entertainingly.

Please send your posts to henway00 (henwayzerozero)- @- yahoo dot com; I will be aggregating next Monday, in between taking my turns around the May pole.

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The Style Bard said...

Oooooooh! I was just looking at a mini coffee-table book about shoes that featured many of these torturous styles! I actually liked the ones at the top of your entry- I would love to try them on and see if I could walk in them! They're odd and remind me of ballet... yeah, I could try those shoes every once in awhile, pain be damned! God knows I wear lots of shoes that kill my feet already, why not be obscure and original?