Friday, April 21, 2006

Full Speed Ahead For Fun!

I am delighted to report an agreement between 32BJ and RAB has been reached, thus avoiding for another four years- as long as the rank-and-file approve- a strike by building employees. NY1 has the scoop if you care.

So, we got jerked around. What else is new? But speaking of being jerked around, did you know that tomorrow New York's libraries will celebrate the Eighth National Day of Puppetry?

I'm always pleased to see puppetry get more attention as I myself am a practitioner of the noble form. What I like especially is making small, jointed replicas of everyone who's opposed or criticized me or ever made me have to get jealous. It's so important to be exacting in the details, which has caused some misguided souls to compare my creations to voodoo dolls, but that's silliness underserving of further comment.

Then, what's really fun is to join my pals in performing our morality plays. Author: Me. Director: Me. Set and Costume Design: Me. Dialect Coach: Me. Our four standard productions are Vindication, Revenge, Worship, and Adulation. To be honest, Worship and Adulation are very similar, though the one I've nicknamed Much Adu About Me includes the always-stirring Public Chorus of Accolades by my enemies. Anyway, puppets- how nice.

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