Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Not All Anglers Are Parasites

This image of a cuddly wittle angler fish, with the tiny blood-sucking, parasitic male attched to her underside, came from Wayne's Word, an online site for natural history hosted by Palomar College. The anglers are examined as part of Sexual Suicide- in which the male of a species is self-destructive for procreative purposes (insert your own joke here).

Wayne's cheery disclaimer: The subject of this article is complex and controversial. Although it includes anthropomorphic metaphors and double-entendre sexual innuendos, it is based on scientific "peer-reviewed" studies. It is not meant to discourage any male from pursuing a meaningful relationship with a female of his species.

As I am a fool with a self-destructive, bundled relationship to my cable company, when there was a fiber cut yesterday morning somewhere on Trump Island, I was left without cable TV (not too stinging), phone (more inconvenient), and without internet (intolerable). Finally returned to functional, I'm reeling with administrative backlog, so here's the puny catch.

The Fashionable Kiffen was in charge of this week's Carnival of Couture, and did a fin- fine job elucidating trends that should be restored. I was delighted not to have to be the one shouting for the return of better hats again, as constantly I'm wont to do.

Also, I just learned that a flash fiction piece I wrote has been accepted to an online literary journal. I'm not sure the bulk of my writing would be considered "literary", but I had a 250-word idea fitting with the open issue's theme of Hallucination. Once it's proofed and posted, I'll put up the link. Donovan Hall edits The Angler carefully with very nice content and presentation, so I'm doubly glad to get in. I especially appreciate his stated goal for reviews of hooking readers up with what's great, rather than gutting subpar online offerings, a case of shooting fish in a barrel if ever there was one. I haven't seen a lot of criticism/review of online literary sites, but if his contributors are chiefly sorting and highlighting for quality, it could become a great resource.

Last and definitely least, how uberblech and anglerlike is it that TC wants to consume KH's afterbirth?!

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