Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Levon Likes His Melons

He's got a lot they say... This image is from the menagerie at Label Land, the online home of the colorful graphics that famously used to adorn produce crates . You don't want to find yourself on the pointy end of this maw, do you? Buy my super Wardaway Spray! (item 3)

1) I didn't know what it meant to me, but three days without The Daily Kitten, and I feel myself dismantling by the minute. No new kittie, no archives, no solace from the cruelties of the world. People have suggested puppy substitution therapy, but while I am a known pooch fan, there's something so special and right about TDK. The puny phrases on the almost blank screen don't exactly guarantee a return. Please come back- I need you!

2) I'll be going back to visit Chicago soon, and I'm not looking forward to the new horrors of highway construction courtesy of the latest 2-year, Dan Ryan debacle. Read how people are shooting up with sunshiney thoughts to survive the next 100 weeks of commuting hell. Chicago may be unique in its blase infliction of suffering on its populace in the name of transportational progress. Funny how those roads it costs billions in materials and labor to fix never stay fixed for more than five years. Funny, funny, funny. On Chi-town's roadways, it's always something, and it's always bad.

3) If you're keeping score at home, in my latest round of correspondence with agents, 3 of whom I've actually engaged in cordial, personal conversations, the score is zero. No rejections, no responses, no nothing. However, the silver lining is that there may be profit in bottling whatever intrinsic quality I have that creates such consistently impersonal dismissal as if I were, in fact, nonexistent. Perhaps something that could be used in spray form as a deterrent against muggings or lion attacks? Ah, now you see the spindly thematic thread.

4) While I'm so snarly and distrustful, maybe I'd better just swallow some chili peppers and take a nap.

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