Thursday, April 13, 2006

Substitution Therapy No Cure For Hangovers

So, today in 1605 also saw the death of the Russian tsar Boris Gudunov. But why be gloomy? Wouldn't you rather think about Boris Badenov instead?

I'm comforted that I'm not the only one going through Daily Kitten withdrawal. As recommended, I've been trying to substitute with Cute Overload, which actually has many species of fuzzy creatures with low ear to head ratios. Today, there's a floppy, dappled bunny nosing around some colored eggs. Now, having temporarily salved my blackened heart- let's move on.

As reported by This Day without elaboration, elephants were first brought to America on this day in 1796 from some exotic clime. Still, despite so many years of cohabitation with our pachydermic pals, we haven't learned that people food isn't always good for the animals. To celebrate their New Year, people fed Raja, Sri Lanka's most famous temple elephant, heaps of deep-fried coconut cookies and fermented pineapple. Makes me queasy considering it myself. Today, the poor humongous thing is retching and hung over. If you've ever been sick on pina coladas, the picture tells the story. Ay caramba!

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