Monday, April 10, 2006

Just Holding It Together

As you might imagine, looking for online safety pin images yields emotionally pocked and physically punctured people. But this is pleasant. It's art by Michael Craig-Martin posted by the UK's Contemporary Art Society.

Although I didn't make a contribution to this week's Carnival of Couture, it has some wonderful entries on fashion confessions. The one on Doc Martens is the one I almost wrote except it wasn't quite true enough for me, because my favorite pair were knockoff combats, and of course, I flit, I float, I vascillate.

Those orbiting the fashion galaxy have introduced some juicy weekly themes lately, but if I haven't had an immediate inspiration, I've been skipping it, because I am a dabbler extraordinaire and also overbooked (pun intended). Nonethless, I will be hosting the CoC my very self on the first of May, so there.

It is my distinct pleasure to share with you that today, the safety pin- surely the acme of fashion necessity- was patented by Walter Hunt.

Hunt is that selfsame inventing juggernaut that conceived "the fountain pen, sewing machine (1834), safety pin (1849), a forerunner of the Winchester repeating rifle, a successful flax spinner, knife sharpener, streetcar bell, hard-coal-burning stove, artificial stone, road sweeping machinery, velocipedes, ice ploughs and mail making machinery."

Being a lazy underachiever, I have originated nothing today but this collection of fluff and a new book review at

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