Saturday, April 15, 2006

All for My Peeps

Proving even very small peeple can be a huge, reflux-inducing regurgitant for Sauron. See last item.

If you haven't seen yesterday's equally awesomely thematic picture, do go look.

Until now, I've been rubbing my palms together in anticipation of a simple but fantastic holiday post, but now that the hour is nigh, I find there's hardly enough time to share all the peep-related hilarity abounding.

Via apostropher, if you've heard of the animal-in-animal festive phenomenon of terducken, you'll love this solution to the frustration of hollow chocolate bunnies. Make the bunnies bear peeps bearing Cadbury eggs. Instructions and illustrations from Wordman here.

Via Dr. Alice- Peep Cocktails.

Feel free to go to the PEEPS official message board to read recipes, hear about the newest colors and configurations, and to share stories For the Love of Peeps.

My favorite new discovery of peepness this year, however, must be The Lord of the Peeps, a fully elaborated site with links to news, interviews, trailers, and extras, including that yummy Orlando Peep.
Happy Easter or whatever else or nothing at all!


noelle said...

don't forget there are many scientific experiments on peeps- how they react to the autoclave, to alcohol, to cigarettes, to alcohol & cigarettes at the same time, to a vaccuum.

Henway Twingo said...

I've posted some of the more scientific links before like peep fear reactions, etc., so I was scouring for new peep links, and LOTP was one I hadn't seen.