Friday, April 14, 2006

Rocking Your Eggs

I read this one from Samantha Burns awhile ago, but I've been holding it back as my Easter entry.

Check out the gallery of amusing bass guitars .
The topical, little gem here is page 12.
Page 57 wins for best, if only, golf tie-in I've seen.
Page 22 wins for combined aberrant content across dimensions of mutilation.
Page 36 has the crazy spiniest, most Buffetaneous, and most obscene.
If you like heroin chic, page 39 brings the bony hotness.
But as for ones I'd covet, I don't have to be a rabid fan to think page 40 is swweeet.
They're like potato chips, and I can't stop myself.

As you are so moved, rock this holiday weekend or don't.
For me, though, I'll be rockin' it. Catch you on the flip side, mi monstruos!

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