Monday, October 31, 2005

Lame Halloween Cliches with Pix of Workplace Horrors

This three-story, half-flayed pregnant lady haunting an office bldg near 51st and Park (or thereabouts) is some check-writer's idea of good. (Tx, Bonnie) If you work here, when you arrive daily to toil, on smoke breaks, looking out your window, at lunchtimes, when ready to go home and leave workaday horrors behind, you must realize that inescapably confronted by dubious decoration, Every day is Halloween!

I'm your basic afternoon poster, my synapses fire once the sun gets warm (and stop again if it gets uncomfortably hot). Still, I have things to attend to immediately so I may clear my schedule (in my mind, I'm pronouncing it shedyool) to watch the scary and not-so-scary movies that will make my All Hallows' Eve fun, at least before the dead ancestors come knocking to bug me later. You, dear readers, had me at "Trick...", so here are the linky treats, mostly multimedia with sound (my pardons to the dialers-up). Ya'll at work, grab the headphones.

1) Halloween Cat bowling. Heck yeah. With sound. (Tx, Bonnie for this, too) I stink.

2) If you loved Numa Numa boy, strap in for a joyous ride. This isn't so boo-scary, except I co-opted it from the Secret Dead, and you can see one of these Chinese students has listened to enough of this crap that it actually thinned his bones enough to snap his arm. Why won't they heed the warnings? How often must I warn the kids (#3) to protect their precious marrow. There's a reason we call pop music lame.

3) For the text bound, this represents another modern workplace horror: BenYagoda's modern interview with Mr. Arbuthnot, the cliche expert.

4) The Straight Dope takes on the narrow subject of Appalachian inbreeding and its relationship to legends of blue people.

5) This is another one you'll need some bandwidth and display capacity to get, but it's cool, perhaps worth adding to your daily looksees. Buzzmachine pointed me to this feature of the Flickr photosharing site called "interestingness". They use a variety of factors in the photo and response to it in order to calculate a rating of interest, and will serve you up an assembly of recent photos united only by being rated "interesting." And they are. As you hit the top right Reload button, one fascinating collage after another.

If none of the sounds, sights, or stories above caused any titillation or enjoyment in your hollow breast, then you're a sludge-blooded, leather-skinned old hasbeen of a formerly sentient creature. Congrats, you passed the test! And welcome to my new zombie readership!

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