Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Technology meets Space in the X-500

I am nothing without Ephemera Now. Check the dastardly, bastardly ecstasy on this kid's face!

I'm posting so late that I wonder if I should bother, but I've been breakin' my back with actual physical labor today. Still, I cannot cheat you of what little toe knuckles of delight I might share.

1) The Google continues its lust for influence by offering free wi-fi to the entire city of San Fran.

2) I have a dear friend- you know who you are- who's been asserting for years that solar phenomena are a huge cause of global warming, moreso than human activity. Here's an article that says they could conservatively be affecting cyclical climate by up to a third.

I've got something entirely different combined with my own original content (gasp) for tomorrow. Sleep sweetly.

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