Sunday, October 02, 2005

Against Hypersensitivity not Religion

From the Agricultural Department of my home state. To all the pigs who've given all they had for my sustenance and well-being, you have my respect and thanks.

Can you explain how banning Piglet on a tissue dispenser, or any ban in fact, demonstrates tolerance? It's just the beginning says Lost Budgie. In fact, here are books considered anti-Muslim in parts of Britain, not because they mention the religion or demean its tenets, but because pigs are present: The Three Little Pigs, Charlottes Web, Babe - The Sheep-pig, Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, Olivia Saves the Circus, Animal Farm. This isn't a new trend either. Some years ago, a collection of porcelain pigs was forcibly seized from a British woman's front room window sill while she was threatened with prosecution.

I'd never stop you from creating or displaying an image oppositional, even hostile, to my faith though I might comment if I found it uncreative or bad art. I don't get the vapors at the mere sight of something against my preferences or beliefs. That intestinal fortitude is implicit in civility, maturity, and sanity.

Not because I want to "piss off Moslems", but because sane people have to defy the histrionic who insist that their emotional grievances should trump logic, liberty, and law, I'm showing my pig!

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