Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vigoda Would Want You to Read This Mess

See item 6 for image source. No, I checked. He's not dead yet.

Today's an incoherent hash of the whimsical and heartbreaking, but I'm finally extruding the last steaming heap of my collected links. Whew. Tomorrow, I'll have to have bagged fresh prey to have anything to offer.

1) Color me Debbie Downer for these Africa links aplenty. But everyday is a good time to wish the shortest future reign for Mugabe, the Butcher of Harare , who dares to attend the UN summit and blame the West for all his problems after single-handedly creating starvation conditions for thousands, if not millions, of his own people. Unemployment in Zimbabwe today: 70%. Tim Worstall quotes liberally from Nicholas Kristof about the sad state of agriculture in Niger as international relief merely provides stale tins of sardines instead of stocking the rivers, so to speak. The Nation's Andrew Rice reviews new books that pose competing theories about why Africa is still poor. Of course, Botswana, one of his cited successes, is now forcing Bushmen from their homes according to the WaPo.

2) The Anchoress, who still loves her some All Hallows' fun despite the killjoys, referred me to this supersized Halloween Etymology Carnival at Done With Mirrors. Read about the origins of our nomenclature for the spookyriffic.

3) I always know a sliver of what's hip, but never all of it. Perhaps there's too much to keep up with anymore since the internet has made every grimy cranny of interest into a legit niche with fan base and forums and T-shirts at CafePress. Anyway, Gaping Void is, among the many I've surely missed, a wildly popular blog that all the kids have been reading since forever, and I've just gotten to it. I first looked at the English Cut, an associated blog, maybe half a year ago and loved it, but I somehow missed finding GV. Of course, where one is about the painstaking tailoring of men's bespoke suits, the former is roughly about marketing creativity in the emerging electronic world and cartooning on the back of business cards. Both blogs are excellent scratchposts depending on where you itch. Here then are Hugh MacLeod's profound Rules of How to Be Creative. , an essential read for anyone who works in a creative, self-directed enterprise.

4) Doug TenNapel, the comic artist who did Earthboy Jacobus and the Nick series Catscratch, strips success down to only three rules for one eager fan.

5) Sometimes Lileks sings my soul, as when he vaunted this dream machine of a coupe which is unfortunately named the Efijy [sic- sick] and will supposedly run at the speed of a slippery superjet on a Corvette chassis. I must blot the drool from the corners of my mouth.

6) When Louis Nye died, I realized that all these kinds of people, and you'll know what I mean when you cross reference this site to celebrity obits, are represented by the same agent! It's a crazy crock pot of TV stars, many from the same show. Better for theme party bookings, I guess. But Jill Whelan, Charo, Gary Burghoff, and Shields & Yarnell?! If Bob Denver and Nye are just the beginning of a plot to increase the marketability of the rest, who will fall next? Protect my Vigoda and Knotts, I beg of you!

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