Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bits Bearish, Physic, and Above All Spooky

See item 6 for image info.

1) Spooky Particles, the name preferred by Einstein, are also known as entangled particles and do something weird and wonderful. I'll try not to mangle the explanation, but these photons affect each other without being physically connected. Even over great distances, simply observing one will create a corollary change in the other. This particle telepathy or sympathy is the idea behind quantum computers which won't simply transmit a pile of zeros or ones based on electrons like we do now, but will instead be able to transmit data reflecting any position on a sphere. In essence, these computers will be able to answer the series of questions which form programming instructions using a lot bigger vocabulary than merely yes or no. Bigger vocabulary, more sophisticated language, faster answers. Although we're approximately in 1950 in developing qubit computers as compared to the history of current computing, the possibilites are staggering.

2) How do we explain the persistence of stories and the sane normalcy of victims of Alien Abductions?

3) Man dies en route to his brother's funeral.

4) Eight year-old girl , Cool Hand Sierra, bags first trophy in Maryland's bear hunt.

5) Once again the last to know, I've just discovered Renault's supermini, the Twingo. Okay, I am a fool, but it proves I don't egosurf. Anyhoo, I do live in a city, possess only my feets, and would be happy to discuss a blogdorsement-in-trade kinda deal.

6) As Drawn! points out, Pumpkin Gutter raises the bar on pumpkin carving. Be sure to scroll down for link to page 2 of the gallery. No, they don't last. No, they're not special pumpkins. For the rest of the facts about Scott Cummins' annual creations, check out his snarky FAQ.

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