Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Long Way to Go For a Halloween Scare

Company impends, so harried cleaning and showering are due, but here's a speed blurb if you haven't seen it about a man who died of a freak accident while getting a "Last Rites" devil's head tattoo. I'm guessing the picture is of the actual stencil that would have been applied to his arm to transfer the image for inking.

I don't mind the artwork actually, but the Halloween-spooky tie-in is too great to ignore. I'ts a shame that a young guy's early death is turning into a joke, but weird things like this beg the amused detachment of the ghoulish spectator.

It's worth registering if you can't see the whole NY Post story.

Later, ya'll


April said...


The stencil looks kind of like a 'green man', and not a devil, to me. I have a rather large green man tattooed on my left calf, thanks to my sister.

Henway Twingo said...

I agree that he exhibits a leafy quality I like, but the deceased certainly thought of him as a devil's head in the popular last rites style.