Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nipples, Sniffles, Rascals, and Regrets. To Life!

Haulin' Hearse image by John Detrich.

1) Regretfully, today I must begin with sadness times three.

Sam, the world's ugliest dog, has passed away.

Link Wray, seminal rockabilly guitar hero, has shuffled off his mortal coils.

Chris Whitley, whose music made me realize I'd waited my lifetime to hear it, is gone, too.

I'm sorry that their lives and contributions will now only be able to enrich us from the past tense, but I am grateful that each existed to enrich us at all. I wish them luck in Whatever Comes Next.

2) If you, as I, have noticed the relocation of the decongestants from handy store shelving to various inconvenient places where you must wait in line to ask for them, you'll be interested in this Reason piece by Jacob Sullum on how retail initiatives against meth users are harshing his sniffles, and why they won't work.

3) As Congress fails to cut spending amid rampant fiscal inefficiencies, misprioritizations, and downright corruption, certainly we'd all agree that no one in this great land deserves a li'l old pay hike more than our dear Senators, right? Especially when a month ago, when more people were paying attention (not holiday plucking and packing), they voted down the same raise.

4) When I last wrote about George R.R. Martin's A Feast For Crows, my questions were whether this rambling man would finally address the questions begun in Book 1 about The Others, dragons, and direwolves. Via Sara Weinman, Tingle Alley, who's read the newest tome, has another question to add: What is up with all the nipples?

5) As some old friends say goodbye, perhaps there's room in your heart for new acquaintances. May I introduce you to The Ghastly Ones? Combining dread-tuned surf riffs with low-rent Ripper costumes, their video's here, although I recommend checking the 4 tracks at myspace. From off-kilter hooks to classic themes and busy-busy drumming, each one has its charm.

I Give Thanks for you and gravy.

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