Friday, November 11, 2005

The Day is Fair with a Westerly Cross Post

I'd hoped an image of a wind chime might help carry my theme. Is it working? Are you soothed by its tinkle?

Today, the kind folks at Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns have posted an article of mine as guest blogger du jour! I so appreciate the loan of the center column, and hope their many readers don't revolt. I think the idea is that I post the same article here, too, thus the name "cross post", but go read it over there. It's my TRUE SCOOP about what the French rioters want.

Now, in case you read that and demand more, more, more about France, here are two light but sharp-pointed rapier attacks from Mark Steyn about the effect of demography and Denis Boyles about Chirac's historic dodge-and-duck during domestic crisis.

Okay, you say, I appreciate the piles of links, but I don't give a rodent's rump about the topic. Well, then. How about:

1) Lotion Addiction thanks to Bookslut

2) The surprising power and reach of telenovelas thanks to Arts & Letters Daily

3) The woman who discovered, after waiting for transplants for 4 years, that the hospital had been offered and turned away 38 livers and 57 kidneys.

Enough! If I don't get to scribbling, I'll never have 10,000 words by bedtime.

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