Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Not So Much Late As Ripe.

Sadly, while this festively hand-decorated seat is no longer available at the site, a super-awesome history of the toilet is.

I am typically a later-day poster, but it's even worse when I have other tap-tappings due first.

1) In an update to yesterday's maize, here's a column on how farm subsidies are creating ski hills of unused kernels.

2) If you read about the guy suing Home Depot claiming some prankster glued his behind to the crapper, there's an update. Is this man a serial victim, or was his previous claim a dry run?

3) Because the WSJ links are free this week, here's a nice 'un about DDT.

4) As I was catching up on my neglected blog reading yesterday, I found this post about summits at The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns.

While trafficwise she can crush me like a bug, I want you to know that, despite her heinous position on the subject, I stand up for your right to all the toilets, tree stands, moon calendars, motorsports, rotary snowplows, craptiques, sunglasses, cervical cancer, gang violence, cigarette lighter adapters, and foreign trade with Akron, Ohio that you, as a free individual, choose to pursue! There will be no anti-summitism here.

5) Here, I also found the Blog Business Summit (blog) -do I write it again now?- which reports that blogging is more effective than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Is it so?

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