Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Preemptive Posting Before Bed. Iggy Stays Up.

This is pretty much the only way I can manage early morning posting. Since I'm technically posting this in the glorious Wed. am, though, I can actually use the super cool Iggy photo forwarded to me by The Bummer Girls. (BG: I love the Dad post and pics, but what happened to the Worst Book You'd Ever Read? Are we getting nice in our aged decrepitude?)

I'll be at the Pajamas Media thing today, and I'm getting excited as the out-of-town/blog-ya-later messages show up on the sites of other prominent attendees who know they'll be there, but don't know I'll be. Free Wi-Fi and high speed internet will be available, but my laptop battery's pretty played and my wireless card is whimsical, I guess I'd say. Since my apartment's cable service is also degraded at the moment (the retrograde Mercury phobics may make a believer of me yet), tonight I took my Palm Tungsten C down to the coffee shop where I then broke a piece off my portable keyboard and still couldn't connect well enough to test stripped-down blogging through the little monster. Arrgh, man.

Will I live blog the event? Magic 8 ball says Reply Hazy.

Meanwhile, I really loves and gets the great values from the Netflixessess, so the buzz on this lousy class action settlement bothers me. Hmm, who got rich? Lawyers who collected signatures. Who got hosed? Consumers. At least here it happened immediately so you can see it. Usually the cost of class-action settlements has to filter through the company's operations into higher prices before the consumer gets it in the neck.


April said...

Well, here's what happened to the worst book I ever wasn't a spasm of kindness that made me take it down...I take meds to keep that impulse under control.

I found, for some reason, that that post always stayed as the first post, even though I posted subsequently. I couldn't figure out a way to fix it, and I didn't want Mrs. Ex-Canseco to be my #1 forever, purty though she is.

Henway Twingo said...

Kay- I'll buy it. FOR NOW...