Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Prehistoric Pooch and Cold-Blooded Bunnies

No, it's not mid- sacrifice to a python, that's the drowsy ecstasy of a lagomorph, per item 1.

Today's a big dump of the odd and largely animal, along with an update on a topic I've become known for adoring: competitive eating for cash and glory.

1) Sheverb dodges giant spiders in favor of yawning bunnies who, unfortunately, look less cuddly than tormented.

2) If your collection of ball pythons goes up in a house fire, how you gonna pay your student loans? Perhaps becoming the Cobra-kissing champion has financial upside?

3) In just two weeks of fieldwork in the Svalbard Islands of the Arctic, researchers found a treasure trove of prehistoric marine fossils, including the first complete skeleton of the Nessie-looking sea reptile, the plesiosaur, which was the size of a bus with teeth the size of cucumbers. In addition, there were 21 other long-necked plesiosaurs, a short-necked one, and 6 ichthyosaurs.

4) I did love the 700 hoboes project where multiple artists created illustrations to go with the collected names. This is different, but similar. Via Drawn! , the Dog Days of Animation blog shows the tremendous variety of artistic perspectives generated from one photo of a "mopey pooch."

5) Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas, a well-known name in the field, was less than ten behind, but winner Richard LeFevre ate 247 jalapenos in eight minutes.

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