Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coins, Comets, Cyclops! (and Walruses, of course)

Image credit Vincent Jannink/EPA, story in item 6.

1) Thanks April, but even the one of this Aussie celeb couple who's supposed to be able to sing sounds like an adenoidal wreck. His wife is excrutiating. Couldn't they start a fitness craze or dog salon instead?

2) If a skid row bum in L.A. offers you his last, valuable possession in exchange for booze money (a bargain for an exceedingly rare coin held in his family for generations), and you accept his last treasure for $20, you deserve to be ripped off.

3) These days, there's always someone on the streetcorner predicting a giant comet to hit earth near Halloween. No one else astronomical seems to be jumping on his bandwagon, but the "I told you so" is sweeter when you've been the cheese standing alone. I guess.

4) Pravda also has another series of pictures. Absolutely the most cyclopean and two-headed animals I've ever seen in one place.

5) Tim Blair provides the highlights of North Korea's hit parade: Songs of Korea, volume 98.

6) Also via TB: Look at the walrus not peeking at his birthday cake. Are there fonts bid enough for the size of AWwwww this requires? Perhaps a banner.


Beth said...

LOL, That walrus is oddly endearing.

I'm not sure what to make of the cyclopean creatures. I think Photoshop played a hand in their evolution.

April said...

Yeah, I thought Andre's voice sucked, too. It's a collision of suckiness.

And that's why I sent it...because I feel I must share the wealth. Of suckiness.