Saturday, October 21, 2006

Heart Like A Wheel- I'm Rolling On

So sue me, today I'm going apple-picking. Possibly pumpkin-picking, too. And I hear the Hudson Valley wines have some fun to offer as well. And, as if by magical prearrangement, the brilliant folks at Plan59 have just opened a new venture, Box of Apples, showcasing the art of the fruit and produce crates from the 20th century. Forget those oversaturated French ads (I've got a few, too, don't be sensitive), but there's an equally fantastic array of much less-sung art work, and they'll make high quality repros.

I picked the Winged Wheel since soon I'll be rolling on out of here and upstate in the new ride, ya'll. However, if fruit's not your bag, what about the Gallery of Wrestling Stars? How did the artist feel, I wonder, while rendering each hair on the chesticular rugs?

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