Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fake Birds, Bridals, and Folksy Brilliance.

Not chiffon...Charmin. For image link, see item 3.

1) Being subtle thinkers over hyar, we know there are some things, unlike news, that are false but good. What about when decoy birds save a town's tourism and flocks from bloodthirsty seals? Who says you can't fool Mother Nature? But should we....

When the seals realize how they've been played, it's gonna be ON, ya'll!

2) Included in the shocking rotten.com's addictive Mad Science biography section (check cults, too) is this one including the Dr. Phil Automated Wisdom Generator. When I entered the deepest dilemma of my soul into the question line, it replied with common sense and heart:

You don't need Huey Lewis to tickle a Gypsy.

So true. Sometimes, I just need that dose of Get Real tonic.

3) Via Dress A Day: If you're looking for a contest to make a faux version of something where winning won't reward you with enough cash to buy the real version, start strategizing for Cheap Chic's next year's Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest. I liked the runner up, too. (DO I have to point out the advantage of not having to have bridesmaids holding up your train in the public stalls at the banquet hall? As long as it doesn't rain, you're quilted-soft, absorbent, and self-wiping.)

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