Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Still Heart DDT (and Pirates) More Than Ever

Check NPR's article and glossary, and naturally, some are already fretting that TLAPD's become too embraced by the masses to retain its integrity. Pirates are for the people, elitist scurves!

Well- I've gotten some of my housekeeping stuff done-just in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Also, in fantastic, life-saving news which one of you was also kind enough to e-mail me (though, ya'll know I was on that development like a bum on a hoagie), the World Health Organization has reversed itself on DDT! Enough sensible countries bucked the propaganda and uses the chemical, creating such amazing amelioration in their malaria rates that even the most hide-and-fear-bound bureaucrats had to reconsider its efficacy and safety and finally look at the data. Now, the international health community is advocating its careful (duh!) interior spraying along with other eradication measures like bed nets and public hygiene measures- Yay! This should loosen up aid funding for anti-malarial programs and, I believe, will advance life and progress for Africans immeasurably once young minds and bodies are not being systematically stunted by dysenteric malnutrition.

Why do American-born children of second and third world immigrants score higher on IQ tests and get so much taller and stronger than their parents? Nutrition and public health improvement (general sanitation). If I take care of myself and Providence decrees, I should be alive 50 years from now to see the incredible transformation in less-developed countries, and I can't believe the relentless online drumbeat of scientific and contrarian voices and their collaboration didn't matter at all.

But what if the mosquitoes adapt? Well, they undoubtedly will, but hopefully, not before we get beyond the current state of inescapable, chronic, endemic infections. Besides, given time and an explosion of locally educated scientists, the humans will be ready and able to adapt, too, once they're not handicapped by illness and ill policy. Just look what we're doing with ants!

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