Thursday, September 21, 2006

Burgers and Black Tattoos

1) Another review of mine posted at Fantasy Bookspot, this time of Sam Enthoven's young adult novel, The Black Tattoo.

2) Forget the self-serving hype, people know what crap is and is not. Largely (ha!), they want the real junk from their fast food purveyors (bolding mine):

Hassan Ahmed, the manager of the Burger King on Martineau Way in Birmingham, said that his customers were not interested in using the restaurant to pursue the “healthy, balanced diet” endorsed on the company’s website. “We buy in three cases of salad each week. I only order them in because I have to. But we bin most of them at the end of the week because they don't sell... A new generation of “indulgent offerings” for the hungrier American has culminated in the Burger King Stacker Quad: four beef patties, four slices of cheese, four strips of bacon and no vegetables in a bun. It contains 1,000 calories and as much saturated fats as one person should consume in a day and a half, according to US government recomendations...

We listened to consumers who said they wanted to eat fresh fruit,” a spokesman for Wendy’s, an American burger chain, said. “Apparently they lied.”

IMO, Hardee's is the place to go if you really want Suicide on a Bun. May I suggest beating that wimpy BK Quad into submission with a Monster Thickburger? 2/3 pounds off the hoof, heaped with bacon and cheese. We're talking 2740 mgs of sodium and 45 grams of saturated fat. John Wayne's colon will have nothing on you. Coincidence that the Monster was voted City Search's best burger of 2005? I think not. My last huge Hardee's cheeseburger came topped with an extra pile of luscious, onioney cheesesteak. MMMmmm. If only they'd batter-dipped and fried it.

3) People's soft, podgy kids want the crap, too. Not just tastier, but often cheaper than the filings from the cafeteria ladies' nails. Outrage abounds in the comments section.

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