Thursday, August 31, 2006

Textbooks Full of Screaming Treadmills

I just felt like a monster picture today, you can link to the other art yourself. Here's where I got this three-headed beauty.

1) I'm delighted and even relieved that the Edvard Munch paintings (one of his Scream versions and a Madonna) stolen from an Oslo museum 2 years ago have been recovered in relatively good condition. The fear had been that, under pressure, the thieves might destroy them.

2) If you enjoyed the treadmill choreography of OK Go's Here It Goes Again that made them You Tube faves, they will reportedly be reprising it live on MTV's Music Awards tonight. Set the TiVo. Jupiter knows you don't want to have to sit through the rest of the greasy nitwittery in real time.

3) Perhaps the Reuters' and AP's use of doctored photos in foreign reporting doesn't faze anymore. What about other doctoring of reality under the aegis of providing illuminating fact? How about putting able-bodied child models in wheelchairs for textbook photo spreads, since the really disabled aren't always so photogenic? That textbook won't begin to prepare you for the kaleidoscopic modern world that technology and medicine has opened to us, a world where wheelchair-bound people with severe cerebral palsy may drool and have appalling motor skills, may need assistance for hygienic and nutritive matters, and may grunt or yell rather than speaking while earning their PhDs in engineering or public policy. What about omitting Hispanics from pictures who reflect the indisputably strong European components of South American populations, that is to say blonde or red-haired and blue or green-eyed? Lucky mestizos can conceiviably work triple duty as educational models, though, since they may be substituted for actual Asians or American Indians in a pinch. Whew.

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