Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Otto Links-a-lot's Cancerous Crescent

Have I used this one already? From an unattributed e-mail. Whatever. You make it fit.

I have too much ennui for numerals today.
So, if you hadn't known already:

Legendary Otto Penzler finds chick lit cynical, unlike the two-fisted cynics that make up the fictional landscapes of male writers, I suppose. Some folks strongly disagree and cite a lack of fiber for crochety Otto's issues. I read the Jennifer Weiner quote that so bothered him while thinking about how many authors I've met who dislike their book covers- almost every one- and couldn't find it in me to condemn her for simply being aware of how she's marketed.

The vaccine-autism link isn't.

Ed Hoch writes well and a lot.

Some cancers are contagious, Goofy.

Via Samantha Burns, celebrities get pit stains. And someone collects the crescents of proof.

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Beth said...

I like the pic with this post. Very random and original! The celebrity pit stain thing really humanizes their elevated persona and status level.