Monday, August 28, 2006

Puttering and Pottering with Mutants

On the daytrip driving tour last week, one of the places we hit was The Lobster Roll AKA Lunch on the way to Montauk. We also frequented Nathan's Coney Island Hot Dog stand and snacked on cheesesteaks in South Philly. What's the good of history and vacationing if not manifested in sandwiches?

As per usual, at least lately it seems, I'm attempting to post an image but am not obliged by Blogger. What do I want for free? I'll update as possible later. Update 1: It's been a day and nothing. Update 2: I might just give up. Update: Finally success Wed. night. Is it just me having trouble? And was this pic worth all the hoo-ha? Still, now you know why locals call the joint LUNCH.

1) This funny script edit proving (?) how Harry Potter ripped off Star Wars. Via That Girl Who Writes Stuff whose blog is so much hipper and slicker than mine from the tippy-top banner down. Oh yeah, I'm making this standard template look GOOD. Who am I kidding?

2) In related issues, if you haven't been following along, like John Scalzi's recent posts at Whatever, writer Lee Goldberg's blog has become hotbed of fan fiction flame wars (not really total flame wars, but I couldn't resist the alliteration being a hack. My own comment is way down the list, no. 50 or something, posted this morning. I've been vacated, for heaven's sake). At issue: Generally, J.K. Rowling and the paid defenders of her intellectual property, appropriately I think, ignore the scads of Potter fan fic online. However, they're taking a more aggressive posture regarding Potter porno, some of which fetishizes the master/student relationship between Professor Snape and Harry Potter and can be called Snarry, though why not Snotter I couldn't say.

3) Thanks to April who shares another wonder of creation: a mutant hybrid carcass whose discovery is not reported in this Globe as might be expected, but appears in the online site of The Boston Globe. The tragic picture is of a creature now departed and never understood, not even taxonomically.

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