Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Media Dump

1) My latest review of Jeffrey Ford's Edgar Award-winning novel, The Girl in the Glass, is here. I have much praise and a few gripes. Feel free to disagree with my wrong-sided cerebrations. Because I like to add bloggy bonuses for those of you linking from here, I've also got an entertaining autobiography of the talented gent as well as another guest blog post with more wonderful, funny insights about his mom's encouragement to stay home watching movies rather than going to school.

All but one of the following links are time-wasting multimedia clips, so be forewarned and delighted.

2) Via pal Bonnie's e-mail, I loved this OK Go video on You Tube for Here It Goes Again. The coordinated treadmill choreography by retropoppers is awesome, and the song's a guitar-soaked toe-tapper, too.

3) Via pal Noelle and the occasionally sluggish Yahoo Video, this is a cat massaging a puppy. This interspecies stuff is even filthier than you'd expect.

4) This is a feature on You Tube about a dog who walks upright on two legs. Caution: Kleenex-dabbing-at-moist-eye-corners factor high.

5) So I wanted to find something more upbeat than a weepworthy pooch as a finale. I searched around for some candy-colored fun and had to give into the bleak zeitgeist. Hope Is Emo and The Words Are Dying. And though she's completely despondent over all the words lost to her high school's chalkboard erasers, she wishes some words didn't exist, like Gothtard.

Oh Hope, as it was passed from the generous apostropher to me, may I comfort you with this Huggable Urn? (If you can't view video, you still must check out this link.)

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Beth said...

Really enjoyed all of these, actually! I laughed out loud at #1...very constructive use of treadmills. I've actually seen the two legged pooch one before, and it did make me cry before. Such a sweet story. (I couldn't watch it again because I knew the tears would start rolling again).