Monday, May 08, 2006

Tag- You're IT!

I've been preoccupied, too busy to respond in a timely fashion to clothesaholic's kind invitation for posts on influential cinematic costumery. Here's the Carnival of Couture #16 with my treatise on catsuits in the comments.

Again this year, I've also missed No Pants Day. View the photo gallery, and pencil in May 4th for 2007.

I've been distracted, overwhelmed by many unfortunate and curious things around the world: noble, worthwhile (tx, elgin) ventures for progress; questionable initiatives; and always the discretely peculiar nestling among other fascinating theories.

Having thus lightened my head's curiosity cabinet, I can't advise that you pick up the debris.
What I must do now is ignore it all and write. Write whatever portion, however small or shallow, is allotted me.

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