Monday, May 01, 2006

Carnival of Couture #15: Exquisite Corpse

The fabulous Frank Montagna illustrated Darrin Zeer's charming cool-out guide, Office Spa, and made towel turbans look swanky beyond compare. That wonderful work inspired my inferior homage.

I flew home last night, and getting our model posed today took some time. I hope you'll find it worth the wait.

The Surrealists were known for their love of unusual juxtaposition, creating a collaborative form called the exquisite corpse in which each artist contributed without exposure to the rest of the connected work. So for the topic of torturous fashion, I thought it would be fun to draw our bloggers' exquisitely tortured fashionista.

1) Ripped Heel. We have all known shoes that hurt just to look at, but Style Graduate exposes the cruelest betrayer- a previously perfect boot gone bad.

2) Hobbling and Itchiness. As you'll read, ShoeSense is a tireless crusader against painful shoes, but antes up an unforgivable pair of Dries Van Noten's and raises a gorgeously unwearable La Perla bra.

3) Asphyxia and Bloodshot Peepers. Clothesaholic has corseted herself a wasp waist and wept through contact lenses. Bonus: Another pic of a turbaned beauty, in glasses no less!

4) Bad Posture and Migraines. Between shoe assaults, The Fashionable Kiffen's delicate neck suffered under the oxen yoke of heavy jewelry.

5) Painful Dress with Painful Memories. Don't know the skirt length on the black Vera Wang, but it was part of a micromarriage for Shoe Lover.

6) Chafed Pits. Super-high armholes constrict within while elongating the line, and Final Fashion does it to herself again and again.

7) Inability to Move on. At Runway Scoop, Maria Palma hurt herself with denial in the 1990s, hanging on to Doc Marten's enormous clown-shoe grunge look too long for the sake of comfort.

Thanks to all of this week's creative contributors, and now I must relieve our model of her egregious afflictions and fetch her some bunny slippers and a smoothie.


Noelle said...

My object of torture was a pair of black jeans that interrupted my digestive process. Yes, they were the "lay on the bed with a pair of pliers and pull up the zipper" pants. My organs have not forgiven me to this day...

Gidget Bananas said...

Your model looks much cuter with tears in her eyes than I did.

And oh, yes, the too-tight jeans . . .

Designer Ella said...

I actually responded to this prompt, but late. Read and you'll see. :-)