Monday, February 21, 2005

With what some suffer, I shouldn't be too cowardly to bear witness.

When I saw the follwing link (HT: Instapundit) with details of the U.N. staff's sexual abuse of Congolese children, I didn't think I could stomach any more. Then, I upbraided myself for exactly the kind of cowardice and squeamishness that perpetuates such things. I read this:

Take a look at the picture of the debauched freak (allegedly) arrested in a sting operation. He not only enjoyed rape and sexual bribery (allegedly) but videotaping the resultant tears and terror.

I think many people have become aware that even hard news stories can employ biased verbiage to imply what might be libelous to assert directly. However, if this story is composed of facts, not just innuendo, the statement that Bourguet "was thought to be among the worst offenders" is horrifying. It means there are more, possibly many more, who are equally contemptible criminals and who are also well known known to the powers-that-be. A sting operation relies on understanding its target's preferences well enough to provide the right lure. They knew who he was, where to find him, and what to offer. And they know there are several more. How long has this been going on?!

In every large operation, there will be instances of malfeasance. However, obfuscation of those acts not only betrays the victims but guarantees future recurrence. (Contrast this with the Abu Ghraib abuses which were reported from the field by personnel within the military and whose perpetrators were subject to restriction and investigation months before the media "broke" the story.) The U.N.'s own M.O. is to ignore and deny and point fingers at anyone who suggests they've failed to protect those whose interests they loudly proclaim to steward.

Sadder still, it's not just a few wigs and cheeses at Turtle Bay who think this way. If you hunger for international disdain, show the spine to condemn the endless committees and cocktail hours attended by apathetic hypocrites on expense accounts, reserve your greatest compassion for the innocent and needy and make visible your righteous anger toward villains, dare to expend your own resources and to admire those who sacrifice even their lives, not in subcommittee beaurocracy, but in taking concrete action on behalf of the vulnerable.

Bleck, U.N., phooey.

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