Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Is there a real energy crisis? (No conspiracy theories)

This excerpt is from Spencer Reiss' book review of The Bottomless Well by Peter Huber and Mark Mills, which appeared in today's WSJ:

Energy ultimately comes not from sunshine or buried Cambrian goo or even from uranium left over from the Big Bang -- mere fuels. Energy (or, more accurately, power) is what happens when you apply human intelligence -- the "bottomless well" of the book's title -- to the physical world.

(It seems I draw so much from the WSJ, but they've become such a dawggone fine paper, broadening their topic arrays while remaining detailed in their analyses, not scared they'll lose me with figures and charts.)

Now this quote details a key plank of the philosophical platform I stand upon. Humans are inventive, adaptive, and capable. We can and will do better things for energy and food supply and health care. We are created to innovate, and I believe the international cross-communication of citizens and scientists which flourishes today, though it does create some vulnerabilities, is exponentially increasing our ability to enhance previous developments and do better for each other. So there.

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