Monday, February 14, 2005

Remember, I said hazy, LAZY eye.

I was working on a deadline for a story of my own and editing others' stuff like mad for group meetings, and I got lazy. The deadlines are past, things are smoother. However, rather than recap the stuff last week which interested me, like more damning details about Ward Churchill and Eason Jordan, and when romance writers who might be lousy become truly execrable suspense writers, I'm moving onward. To Christo and Jeanne-Claude's latest project of imposed art: The Gates in Central Park. Since the show will come down soon, it'll be a change of pace and then gone. I wish all bad art were as temporary. Here's a link to a slide show if you haven't seen it.
I've chosen the MSNBC link since it'll likely be less ostentatiously fawning.

Here's a quiz from James Panero to see whether you can tell the difference between Christo and Thomas Kincade.
Since very few other voices are saying that X-to/J-C are overhyped vandals, it's especially fun to read.

Personally, I had imagined that the gates would be more graceful than their realization. They don't remind me of Buddhist prayer flags. Since I'm neither a Ph.D. nor a blue-collar everyman, today's art requires more from me than aesthetic interest, education, or even a self-possessed intellect to be properly appreciated. That is, if it's even "valid" to allow myself an opinion, Dada.

That said, I look at The Gates and see cat flaps. A "golden river" of cat flaps.

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