Thursday, February 17, 2005

Not numb enough and dumb enough. My blood boils.

You may, or even more sadly, may NOT have been made aware of the mass investigations into sexual misconduct on the part of UN international "peacekeepers". Allegations include rape, pedophilia, and bribing hungry children with eggs or milk for sex. Many of the UN's blue-helmeted heroes serve in very disadvantaged parts of the world, many of them are recruited from local forces which may be already corrupted, and which, historically, won't yield to some outside commander's views of ethics, morality, and legality. Some of these proud scions become the evil they're supposed to protect people from. Here's a brief, BBC recap.

In response, a few outraged souls have asked in public forums why we can't get more attention and accountability toward this problem? But many in international circles and the media are only concerned with America, looking away from problems that can't be laid at her feet, ignoring what reveals the lie of their own false claims to enlightenment and fairness. It's purely a power game for them. America has it, and is, therefore, their sole focus and target. Meanwhile, people are tortured and killed and starved by brutal governments judged by the UN's walking expense-accounts-in-pinstripes to be America's moral equivalents.

Mark Steyn has witty and horribly apt commentary about this hypocrisy that's more than infuriating, it's destroying human lives around the world.

So much for happy tra-la-ing today, but if I stopped caring about this stuff, what would I be worth?

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