Monday, February 21, 2005

I rage, but always with whimsy

No matter what you think of Christo's Gates in Central Park, you must expose yourself to the genius of Geoff Hargadon (now going by Hargo) and his Somerville Gates:

Sarah Boxer, typically an art writer who irritated many online denizens recently with her factually-challeged attempts to cover geopolitical blogging, nonetheless has a funny piece on the Somerville Gates here:

I have decided I am grateful for the Gates. While art of dubious beauty or insight, they have provided a respite from the doldrums of winter, a trivial topic for polite conversation, and chance for merriment, even if at the expense of the artists known as X-to/J-C.

I cry, I laugh, I poke my fingers into my eyes and weep again. Such is the joy and intensity of melancholia. Ha. Ha. I laugh again as if I am French. HA!

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