Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here's Where

I remind you and myself not to Borrow Trouble. You know what I mean. If you follow every horror that occurs somewhere, many of which we only now discover in real time due to the successes of technological civilization, you'll spend (okay, I'll spend) days following coverage of nothing else in a torpor of morbid empathy. But plenty enough people will be weeping today. If you don't have intimate cause to do so, help counterbalance the world's sorrows with your own cheer. There's nothing wrong with being glad, as long as you're not an insensitive jerk about it. Nature agrees.

These glorious moths drink the tears of sleeping birds. Some butterflies drink antelope's tears, or even the legendary ones from crocodiles. Amazing. If you are down today, may a greedy and magnificent butterfly suck out the sadness with his proboscis of joy.

Image of Peacock butterfly from this site with other lovely flora and fauna pics.
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