Friday, April 13, 2007

At Least One New Place For Posts

Though posting through Firefox is better, recently I've been posting most frequently at a new group blog for female crime writers called Women of Mystery. I'm only obliged to post once a week, but there are enough people to create a steady flow of fresh entries. You may guess for yourself which one I am. No prize, since it's not that big a secret.

Yes, there's much less of an odd-news focus there, but I am trying to make tangible progress in publishing this year, so I'm keeping my focus tightly on my creations and less of the wild-and-wooly-gathering that I'm prone to indulging. I will also be setting up a site under my own name as a writing site and another for the graphic novel, which is currently being inked and is, therefore, in perilous danger of actually existing.

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